This smart drama is about a Black senator Holden Cain (RUSSELL JORDAN)  who was on trial for murder. Even though he is found not guilty he wants to clear his name instead of let the court of public opinion convict him. He is far from a boy scout. He is having a long time affair on his wife Genesis( TONIA E. ANDERSON)  with a white woman named Eden(VANESSA FRANZEN. The shit really hits the fan when both his wife and his mistress announce they are pregnant. CARA HALL gives us fresh story telling. Very cinematic, moving back and forth in time to tell the story. Though this is melodrama the playwrights skill raises it to compelling theatre.  The direction  by  MELISSA SKIRBOLL also helped make it work, keeping all the player on stage through out the piece helps us adjust to this swift turning drama. The lines of movement were clean and skillful; every plot turn follow- able and  very well done. The one stand out among the actors is RUSSELL JORDAN. Cain is powerful, with a hair thin temper and forceful presence. TONIA E. ANDERSON as Genesis is well done and on point. She manages her character to rise above the stereotypical “wife scorned”. VANESSA FRANZEN as Eden is a feisty one with a sharp tongue. For the “other woman” she claims what she thinks is hers. This drama is just well done in all aspects.

A circle of women are playing cards. It is frantic and fun. We quickly find that each woman is a symbol representing their specific ethnic entity. There is the Native American woman, the African American Radical woman, The Mexican Woman, The Muslim Woman, the regular African America woman, The dyke woman, the southern bell, and of course the Asian woman. The Asian woman is the host of this meeting where she tries to get all the factions to get behind a female senator that is about to run for president.  She has all the progressive talking points they should use while supporting her. This is easier said than done. She can not get them to get along with each other much less support the female senator.RAE BINSTOCK  gives us a funny social and timely satire. It is a very provocative and comical theme sounding off on the recent election; showing us why she didn’t win. The small stage filled with boxes and chairs is claustrophobic and so the director MELODY BROOKS  is really tasked with moving these characters around. It seems well done that what she does is set clear times when each woman states their peace. The actor breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to us ; which is very effective because they are literally  in your face.  All the woman are good but the stand outs  are the dyke played by LINDA BLACKSTOK   and the  southern bell played by LINDSEY GARBER . This piece ranges from the sober and dramatic to a totally satirical comedy. Well done.

Lights up and we are in a work room where a geek/nerd has created a life size sex android proto type. He is testing her out. Her name is Anna 14  ( B. BASTIAN)   because she is the 14 version of the robot.  As George Michaelsings “I WANT YOUR SEX” we see the robot say things like “Me so hot” or “I love orgasms”.  Martin (EPHRAIM BIRNEY)  tests the doll robot level by level to make sure she works. Martin’s mother (MONICA BLAZE LEAVITT) enters and she is cracking the whip to get him to finish the doll so she can be “rich American woman” . To help Martin (BIRNEY)  along mom hires a prostitute (PATRICIA CANCIO)  to teach the robot what to do and say. The prostitute ( CANCIO) arrives and martin (BIRNEY)  and her argue over what is sexy to men. She says it is smarts and he says it is dirty talk. The prostitute (CANCIO)  who is computer aware starts to control the robot and the robot starts to speak quotes from Aristotle and other philosophers. Martin (BIRNEY)  is excited by her new activity but also threatened because he is secretly in love with the sex robot which he modeled after the woman of his dreams who he date once in the past. Finally the prostitute ( CANCIO)  turns out to be a activist that is charged with the mission of shutting down the manufacturing of sex dolls period and she runs off with the robot.  This is a very hilarious farce by HOLLY HEPP-GALVAN. It works from the first second the lights comes up until the actors takes their bows and every delicious dramatic moment in between.  The direction is excellent. The way  MARY HODGES choreographed the robot is marvelous. Every time she speaks you can’t help but laugh. She also choreographs a fight between mom (LEAVITT) and the prostitute (CANCIO)  which is also done with precision and comedy.  Every bit of comedy is milked out of this smart little piece.  All the actors are great but clearly the stand out for this piece is B. BASTIAN playing Anna 14. She never breaks character and plays with a monotone and stiff movement that we kind of believe she is a robot. Great fun!!!!
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