When you enter the theater you hear blazing music being pumped into the theater. It is as if they want to energize the audience before the show begins. The only thing you see is a wooden wall that covers the entire stage and the American flag is being projected on it. There are doors and compartments doors as well.  The lights start flashing , TRUMP RALLY  footage is projected on the screen and the music changes and a mic stand rises from under the stage and we are off!!!
Michael arrives and opens the show with the classic line : “HOW THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN?!!!!              He points out that HILLARY  won the damn election but TRUMP is  in the White House. He points out that this is the second times in 16 years that this has happened to us,: Bush V Gore.  He calls this show a 12 step program for progressives and liberals. He hands out three steps : 1. DONALD TRUMP out smarted us all!!! 2. There is a chunk of the country between the Hudson and Santa Monica Blvd.  and 3. Sober the fuck up and realize that this is not a delusion. He tells a great story about him being 17 and winning a speech contest by condemning racism by the elk’s lodge and how it went nuclear and Walter Cronkite actually covered that  story on the evening news. It was a piece that condemned places like the Elk’s Lodge of being  racists because they only admitted Caucasian members. He takes on the TSAat the Airport by pulling out of his carry on bag things he says he tries to sneak on the plane even though they are forbidden.  He  pulls out: a Power Drill,  a Cattle Prod, Hand-grenade, Hedge clippers, a Leaf Blower and finally a actual Muslim lady. Michael agrees to run for President in 2020 and gives us his list of actions in the first 100 days:  He will make all phones and tablets use one damn cord so we can keep up with them and save money, he will gives us all free HBO and SHOWTIME, With extra episodes of GAMES OF THRONES,  He will get rid of weak showers heads, and legalize Marijuana and go as far as have the Government deliver to all Americans 2 joints for the weekend. He plays a Family Feud game called STUMP THE CANADIAN  where he pits an American against a Canadian to answer questions about each other’s country. It is hilarious.  Things  continue like this and gets more serious before the flashy and fun ending!!!!
Whether you are a Michael Moore Fan or Foe you will leave the theater respecting him as a decent human being. he  has done some extraordinary things, some of which have changed the world. He is like a blooming onion with layers and layers to be revealed during the show. His remarks are deep and  serious and comic and make you laugh.  they are all filtered through something that makes them palpable: SATIRE. MICHAEL MOORE ELABORATES, ELEVATES AND EDUCATES  WITH  HIS ONE MAN SHOW : TERMS OF MY SURRENDER. You will not regret for a second that you are there ; in fact you will leave more enhanced than you came. Please make it down to the BELASCO THEATER, 111 West 44thStreet, Manhattan before this gem fades away.
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