As you enter the theatre you are stricken by the emptiness of the stage. One side has one chair and the other side has onea chair and a series of instruments. There was a white sheet on the back wall for sharing projected images on but not used very much. But this pretty much told you what this whole show was about: DAVID DEBLINGER. MR. DEBLINGER puts on a one man tour-de-force performance of his piece LUCKY PENNY. It turns out to be an love letter to his father. At times it is so touching he cries and tugs at your heart strings. Other times he has you laughing like crazy. From the beginning there is no fourth wall. He talks directly to us as he turns from character to character to character. Each story is separated by a music number or song from the live musician on the stage with him.

The stories are too many to name but some of the highlights are THE GERMAN CHILD MOLESTER, TRANSITIONAL HOME, PHIL DIES, MARIJUANA STORY, SEMESTER IN SPAIN, HIS BROTHER THE ORTHODOX JEW, and finally the PENNY STORY which will melt your heart. Mr. DEBLINGER is a charming and delightful story teller who can use his body to control the pace of the show. His face is literally a thousand different masks and muses he uses to entertain you. As he serves up his life in bite size chunks, lights change and music or songs change the mood and cleanse our theatrical palette. The musician FRED JOHNSON is very versatile with an assortment of musical instruments from the strange to the typical. He has a wonderful voice and sets the pace of the show. This show is a not to be missed joy at the STELLA ADLER STUDIO OF ACTING.

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