For years people in Hollywood were walking around whispering that the Emperor has no clothes and that he was using that to assault young actresses and models throughout town. The “casting couch”  has always been real, of course, but what Mr. Weinstein did was way beyond the “casting couch.” He is a very sick man much in the same way as Mr. Anthony Weiner is sick about sending sexually explicit images of himself to women and even children. He is a sexual predator that doesn’t even think that “No” is an option.  What bothers me and many like me is that this has been going on about thirty years and no one said anything. They whispered and giggled about it, but did nothing to stop it.
Now actresses as big as Angelina  Jolie,  Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd have come forward to put a famous face on these troubling events. But what scares me is all the women that he actually got away with it with. He settled eight settlements to women he assaulted and they swept it under the rug.  Some are now accusing him of rape but the statute of limitation has most likely expired.  He has been fired from his own company but I condemn them as well. They negotiated those eight settlements and probably paid them off. Let’s not forget his brother is his major business partner and family knows the family. So this is too little too late. They just don’t want to be sued as well for collusion.
Now they are taking his name off a lot of shows as Executive Producer but what are they going to do about his over 100 Oscar nominations and about 30 wins. Do we ask him to give them back as a sex pervert tax or do we put a forever foot note that he has been a sexual predator during the time these awards were won? It is impossible to unring a bell.  And what about all the stars in Hollywood he made millionaires? Do they give back the money earned as a result of working with Harvey? Not!!!.  This is only a crime because it was made public. Hollywood was perfectly ok with going on with the charade that the emperor has no clothes and is sexually attacking women while doing it.  Like Mr. Weiner’s wife, Harvey’s wife has announced she is out as well.  This is probably the best thing that has come from this tragedy; though there are kids involved that will be caught in between.  Do I end this by saying HAVE YOU NO DECENCY HOLLYWOOD, ANY DECENCY AT ALL?
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